Before you start your Pet Insurance quote

Please take the time to read the information provided on the About the policy page as well as the documents on the Documentation page. This information is provided to enable you to make an informed decision as to whether this policy suits your personal circumstances.

Please note that this is a 12 month policy which may be rolled on for further periods of 12 months if renewed. In exceptional circumstances you may not be offered renewal. If renewed each year this policy will cover long term conditions such as arthritis, skin and heart conditions.

If we offer a further period of insurance we will be entitled to change the premiums, excess, conditions or to apply exclusions. For example under the current policy terms the amount of excess and co-insurance will increase when your Cat or Dog reaches 8 years of age, increasing to £95 excess for Cats and £110 excess for Dogs with a 15% co-insurance for both. The rating factor based on your Pets age will also significantly increase at this time.

It is important that you respond accurately and with reasonable care to the questions asked below. If the answers you provide are not accurate this may result in your claim being reduced or rejected, or your policy being cancelled without refund.

About you and your pet

  • You are the owner and keeper of the pet
  • You will live with your pet at your home address
  • You live in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland
  • You do not have any convictions or prosecutions pending for theft or dishonesty (excluding spent convictions under The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974)

About both Dogs and Cats

  • Your pet is not showing any sign of illness, injury or of being unwell, that you have not consulted a vet about
  • Your pet is not used for breeding
  • Your pet is at least 2 months old

About Dogs only

  • Your dog will not be used for racing, guarding, personal protection or search and rescue purposes

Your Dog:

  • In the last 5 years concerns have not been raised about their behaviour
  • has not been the cause of an accident or legal action
  • has not attacked, bitten or been aggressive towards another person or animal, been in any fights or shown any aggressive tendencies
  • has not been trained to attack and has not been used for security purpose in the past (other than former Police or Military dogs)
  • does not live in premises which sell alcohol
  • Is not registered under The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, The Dangerous Dogs (Amendment) Act 1997 or The Dangerous Dogs (Northern Ireland) Order 1991 and any subsequent amendments
  • Is not an African Wild Dog, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Rottweiler, American Staffordshire Terrier, Argentine Dogo, Canary Dog, Cane-Corso, Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, Dingo, Fila Brasileiro, Japanese Tosa Inu, Johnson American Bulldog, Perro de Presa Canario, Pit Bull Terrier, Chinese Shar-pei, Wolf or Wolf Hybrid, or a dog crossed with these

If you cannot confirm please call us on 03332 205510 as we may still be able to help you.

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